Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs $8/dozen

Our laying hens free range on pasture with no restrictions. During the day they forage for their favorite insects and enjoy climbing trees and exploring grassy pastures. We feed them a certified organic, GMO-free, and soy-free layer feed. At night they retreat to our mobile chicken coop, which we built from an old cargo trailer. They have plenty of space to spread out and rest until morning in their cool ventilated coop. With the mobility of the coop, we can move the chickens to fresh pasture so there are always new bugs to munch on! They live a truly stress free life. With these management practices our chickens produce high quality eggs.

Pastured Organic-Fed Broiler Chickens

Cornish-Cross broiler chickens. They need a little bit more protection than layer hens, so they live in our spacious chicken tractors. We move them to fresh grass daily, allowing them to forage for their favorite insects and greens. We feed them a certified organic, GMO-free, and soy-free broiler feed that includes trace minerals and probiotics to produce the tastiest chicken we’ve ever tried. Since our chickens are raised on pasture, they never require antibiotics.

Whole Broiler (3-7 lbs avg)7
Boneless Skinless Breast (2/pack)20
Bone-in Thigh (4/pack)12.50
Leg Quarter (2/pack)10
Drum (4/pack)9.50
Liver/Heart (appx. 1 lb pack)7
Necks (appx. 1 lb pack)4
Soup Bones (carcass, appx. 5 lb pack)5