Pasture-Raised Organic-Fed Pork

Our hogs are born and raised in our mesquite forest. They are a newer breed called Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP), which have been optimized for grazing pastures. The breed is a mix of Duroc, Old Berkshire, and Kunekune genetics. Their grazing tendencies and behavior makes them ideal for regenerative farming. We rotate our IPPs through pastures onto fresh ground about once a week. Although they can consume much of their needed calories from forage, they cannot thrive on pasture alone. They are supplemented with a mineral rich, certified organic, GMO-free, and soy-free hog feed that we ferment for 24 hours. Just like sauerkraut and sourdough bread are beneficial for our guts, fermented feed aids in digestion, boosts the bioavailability of nutrients and provides living probiotics.
Our pork is always antibiotic free!

We have never had to administer any chemical dewormers due to these management practices.

One whole hog will produce approximately this amount of pork.

*Whole and Half pricing is based on hanging weight. Hogs and cattle can be weighed 3 common ways. Live, Hanging, and Packaged. The live weight is the weight of the animal on the hoof, completely intact and alive. Hanging weight is the reduced weight after initial processing. The hide, head, entrails have been removed and the animal hangs in a refrigerated space for several days before final processing. The packaged weight is the weight of the meat ready to be stored in your freezer, with some of the excess fat and bones removed.

The weight most commonly reported by butchers is the hanging weight. Not all butchers report the live or packaged weight. This is why it’s most common for farmers to base the cost of the half and whole sales on hanging weight. The packaged weight is approximately 70% of the hanging weight for cattle and 75% for hogs. Our target hanging weight is 160-190 lbs for a whole hog, but we cannot guarantee a specific size.

*In addition to the price listed, the buyer pays processing fees on Whole and Half sales. Fees typically range from $1.00 to $1.50 per lb hanging weight, depending on packaging and cut list selections.

We reserve the use of antibiotics for life-saving measures. After an animal is saved, they are deemed no longer fit for sale.

Price List

Sausage Links13
Fresh Uncured Ham9
Fresh Sliced Bacon17
Pork Belly (whole)15
Bone-in Chops13
Spare Ribs14
Hocks/Soup Bones6
Whole Hog* (Sold Out)7.50*
Half Hog* (Sold Out)7.75*
*Processing fees not included (see details above). Based on Hanging weight. Wholes and Halves will not be available until Summer 2025. Please check back in Spring 2025 for information on reserving.
Home cured and smoked bacon!